Vendors: Things to Turn Up During Downtime

The situation sucks. We get it.

It goes beyond potentially lost table fees—it includes stock bought in preparation for shows, endless hours sunk into preparation, and honestly, the emotional frustration of losing something you’ve been looking forward to. Frustration, anger, sadness—all of those feelings are completely and 100% valid.

Poutine Feast

We have super exciting news! We’ve partnered with Poutine Feast as our first Featured Event Series!

Poutine Feast is a series of 26 (!!) weekends throughout the spring, summer and fall featuring all your favourite things: poutine, the great outdoors, great vendors, and your favourite people (if you bring them!).

Vendors: Lighting Solution

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I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my lights that I’ve been using as Ifs, Ands, or Buttons – and a good number of people asking me about my solutions.

Vendors: New Vendor+ Feature – Weekly Digests

We’ve had an overwhelming amount of support for a feature that would send a digest of the new shows added to the calendar. The goal of this digest would be to save you time scrolling the calendar on a regular basis while trying to remember if you’ve already looked into that show or not.

Vendors: The Omni Box

When packing for shows there are obvious things to bring: your product, your float, your Square (or other payment processing tool), a table, etc. But what about all the other things? The things you only realize once you’re at a show and you need it?

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