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Falling For It Booked, Line, and Scammer

With many of 2020s events, conferences, and shows being postponed or outright cancelled, many artisans are out of regularly relied upon summer revenue. A lot of vendors have moved their sales to personal websites or online marketplaces such as Facebook groups, Etsy, Shopify, etc.,

Vendor Perspective: Markets in the Time of COVID

Markets paid for, plans in place, starting a stockpile to get ready for the season and the world stopped… or it felt like it did, anyways.  Covid came and threw each and every one of us for a loop.

Owning a small business in this time has been for many of us..

Vendors: Things to Turn Up During Downtime

The situation sucks. We get it.

It goes beyond potentially lost table fees—it includes stock bought in preparation for shows, endless hours sunk into preparation, and honestly, the emotional frustration of losing something you’ve been looking forward to. Frustration, anger, sadness—all of those feelings are completely and 100% valid.

Coronavirus: Show Cancellations

COVID-19/Coronavirus concerns have ramped up in Ontario and cancellations of schools and events are trickling in. Our goal is to create a centralized resource of the cancellations and, if applicable, rescheduling of shows within our catchment area.

This list will be updated as organizers announce details.

Poutine Feast

We have super exciting news! We’ve partnered with Poutine Feast as our first Featured Event Series!

Poutine Feast is a series of 26 (!!) weekends throughout the spring, summer and fall featuring all your favourite things: poutine, the great outdoors, great vendors, and your favourite people (if you bring them!).

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