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Do you like what we’re doing here and want to support it? Do you want even more functionality?

Your support helps us build, grow and offer even more. $50 a year for Vendors+ is all it costs for the full range of features.

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Features and Functionality

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Basic Features and Information
Types of Vendors
Table Cost and Size
Application Form and Notes
Organizer Contact Information
Filter by Table Cost
Filter by Organizer
Enriched Vendor Profile and Directory Listing
Addition of Logo To Shows Marked As Attending
Email Digest1
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Vendors+ is really where our dream for ShowWiz lies. As shown above, Vendors+ allows you to filter by many more fields. This will enable you to filter our database of hundreds of events down to the ones that work for you.

For example, if you are looking for events on a particular date, under a particular price point in terms of tabling fee and within a certain area – Vendors+ will let you hunt for all that at once. No need to look at millions of Facebook events and no need to send countless emails – we do all that for you.

Vendor+ also means your logo and branding is more visible across the site – which familiarizes shoppers with your brand before they even get to the show.

1The Weekly Digest perk consists of an email sent every Monday with a list of all the shows added in the previous week. The perfect email to peruse with your Monday coffee and start the week off right.

Level Price  
Vendor+ $50.00 now.
Membership expires after 1 Year.
Basic Free Select

So if it’s our dream, why charge?

Unfortunately, things cost money. The time to maintain this site, the hosting, the domain name, the plugins, the server – all these things add up. We want shoppers and vendors alike to be able to benefit from this tool, so free options are available. The additional filtering and functionalities take up considerably more resources and time in terms of design and maintenance. Your support allows it to continue and grow.