First off, thank you for putting on shows! We know the work you do it hard and involved and we appreciate that you provide the opportunities for vendors of all types to sell their wares.

So, what is ShowWiz?

We’re an online resource for vendors, organizers and shoppers. Our main focus is our comprehensive calendar that lists events throughout Eastern Ontario. Our goal is to make it easier for vendors and shoppers to find shows and for organizers to connect with potential vendors. We strive to achieve this goal by providing an organized, comprehensive resource and by continually improving our platform to increase usability and accessibility.

Additionally, we have a vendor directory. The vendor directory compliments the calendar as vendors can add shows to their profiles. This has a double effect: they appear on the show’s event page, and the event shows up on their profile.

Check out our FAQ page for additional information.

How does ShowWiz help me?

Since we’ve launched in October 2018, we have become a well known and often referenced vendor resource. Having your event on our calendar will:

  • enable vendors to find your event easily;
  • email notification of your show to our most dedicated vendors;
  • increase search engine results – especially once vendors mark themselves as attending;
  • directs shoppers to your event.

What does it cost?

ShowWiz is completely functional for all, free of charge.
Listing a show on the calendar will never cost organizers money.

We believe strongly in accessibility while building a comprehensive calendar of shows. Being comprehensive is simply not possible while employing pay walls. We have free accounts for Vendors, as well as premium accounts (known as Vendor+ accounts).

In a similar vein, we are working on ways to provide some additional perks for organizers who wish to boost their events. However, these are still under development and not yet available.

How can I maximize the impact?

Ask your vendors to ensure they mark themselves as attending your show. It provides shoppers, vendors, and organizers the best possible experience.

Can I submit/edit my own events?

You can submit your events by following this link. We do recommend checking the calendar before submitting to save time for everyone.

Unfortunately, you cannot yet edit your own events. We do have an organizer portal in the works that will give you this option and more! We’re excited for this upcoming feature – but in the meantime, if something changes in regard to your event, please let us know by email at