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Does ShowWiz organize events?

At this time we do not organize our own events. ShowWiz is a calendar-based aggregation service that brings events together into one convenient place.

Why haven’t I heard back from the organizer about an event?

Unfortunately, some organizers only get back to those they have accepted into their shows. Some are simply too busy to get back to every vendor. It’s unfortunate and understandably frustrating. We are unable to reach out to organizers for you.

I know of a show you don’t have! How can I tell you?

Please let us know by completing this form. Thank you for helping us make ShowWiz more complete!

How much is it to have a show on the Calendar?

There is no fee for shows to appear on the calendar. Our goal is for the calendar to be comprehensive – and that simply cannot happen with a paywall in place.



A show the can appear on the ShowWiz calendar if it:
1. Has numerous (5 or more) crafters or vendors;
2. Is open to the public (with or without admission fee); and
3. Has things for sale (not just an exhibition).

Please note:

  • Events that are for members of a set, closed group will be marked. This is a metric that can be filtered.
  • We are not currently displaying workshops or DIY nights at this time. This is something that may be considered in the future.
  • We are not displaying studio tours at this time. We are limiting ourselves to shows that have 5 or more vendors at one location.

Vendor Types

For ease and simplicity the term vendor is used generically on this site to refer to direct sales associates, crafters, artisans, resellers and anyone else who might be interested in having a table to sell goods, services or community services at the events listed.

Handmade: These are the do-it-yourself-ers. Encompassed in this category are crafters, makers, artisans and anyone who makes or designs their product and sells it themselves.

Antiques/Vintage: These are the sellers of antique and vintage goods – often one-of-a-kind, unique pieces.

Direct Sales: Those selling commercially produced goods directly to consumers (in non-retail environments). This category includes Origami Owl, Avon, and Tupperware.

Other Businesses: These are for businesses for services that table at events for promotional or information purposes, such as roofing, florists, or massage therapy. This category also includes non-handmade brick and mortar shops.

Community Tables: These are for community groups, non-profits, charities and the like who have tables that are largely for promotional or information purposes.

Fine Art: This vendor type is used to indicate that a show stipulates the type of art or craft that vendors may display – generally as part of a guild or collective. Requirements vary by show.


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