I’m a crafter, crafting is my passion. I get so excited with new ideas and making new things come to life.

The number of shows has exploded, especially in the last year. I was overwhelmed during the Christmas 2017 season and had a hard time keeping track of all the opportunities out there.

When the 2018 season rolled around, I started chronicling everything I found in an Excel spreadsheet. I shared this with some friends and they extolled how useful it was. Slowly but surely the idea for ShowWiz was formed.

I’m a lucky girl in that my partner is a different sort of Wiz – one in software and website development. I already thought we were an amazing team, but this project has definitely showcased that. Our two passions – crafting and coding – have come togethe.! His support on my show days (driver extraordinaire, hearer of rants, and lifter of heavy boxes) has always made my show days easier. This project is a continuation of that.

The goal with ShowWiz is to make things easier for everyone.

ShowWiz lets those in direct sales find shows that are open to them with ease. It enables crafters and makers to find juried shows that might appeal to them more. It brings all the information – from location, to dates, to table cost, to application type, to organizer – into one, central place (and one very awesome calendar). ShowWiz takes the stress out of finding events.

And this is just the beginning. We have so many ideas in mind for how we want to expand functionality to make things even easier. We can’t wait.

P.S. If you want to check out my crafting passion you check out my profile!