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The Market Presents: Cozy Cottage Core

December 5, 2020

Public Admission: Free
Organized by: The MRKT

“The MRKT” is a seasonal market that prioritize and supports (QT)BIPOC* vendors by creating a space where they can showcase and sell their work. Additionally, The MRKT supports alternative economic systems by encouraging skill sharing and trades as currency.

This markets are organized by Harar (@gold.tinted.glasses / @hararhall ) and Hasina ( / @fullfemme).

What is a Virtual Market? How does it work?
The market will run for 24 hours. During that time we will be highlighting vendors and giving you access to special curated content. During this time certain vendors will be open to the purchase of art through alternative commerce.

What’s the different about a virtual market as opposed to buying directly from artists?
We will be featuring interviews, tutorials and other live content from featured vendors throughout the day that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home! But you will be buying directly from artists, just as you would in a physical market space. How does this help artists and creatives? It doesn’t without your support. That money that you might have spent on a night out or your morning Starbucks run can go to local creatives. And we’re super happy to introduce you to a bunch of folks who have gorgeous prints and crafts for your homes. We hope to provide an alternative way of thinking about accessing the incredible work of BIPOC community members during this crisis.

What is alternative commerce?
The MRKT is dedicated to celebrating the art of our city’s creatives outside of a capitalist paradigm. This is a goal that is difficult to fully realize when we recognize that the precarious incomes of our fellow creatives. Alternative commerce allows for artists, creatives and community members to take part in the trading of goods and services for art. Maybe you don’t have a lot of cash on hand, but you are a skilled photographer that could provide your services for your favorite jewelry maker. Maybe you are an artist and you would like to trade one of your prints for that of our vendors. The goal of alternative commerce is to think of the ways that we can show that we value the work of creatives without tying value exclusively to money. With that in mind, we also recognize all artists’ right to refuse offers for a trade. If an artist is only accepting money for some/all of their pieces we ask that you respect their wishes.

What is the theme?
Cottage core is an Internet aesthetic that celebrates a return to traditional skills and crafts such as foraging, baking, and pottery, and artisanship. Most recently celebrated and popularized the by sapphic/wlw community.
With our upcoming market we celebrate our many interpretations of cottage core as artisans, artists, and makers. Reminding black, indigenous and racialized people that we too deserve to be connected with the land that we live on, we deserve rest, we deserve comfort, we deserve simplicity and beautiful things.

This event is Virtual.

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