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Opeongo Soaps

Inspired by Nature
EGANVILLE, Pembroke, Renfrew


Opeongo Soaps has been around, now, for 22 years. Upon hearing of the previous owners retirement I approached them to see if I could help keep Opeongo Soaps alive.
(I had been using Opeongo Soaps for the past 15 years and could finally get through a long, Ottawa Valley, winter without dry itchy skin.)
The previous owners asked if I wanted to take over the business and the rest is history!

All Opeongo Soaps are made using Goat’s Milk from local area goat herders, Coconut Milk made and distributed from Cha’s Organics in Montreal or Rainwater that we collect (rainwater has the perfect PH and low mineral content). We use 100% pure essential oils in most of our soaps with the exception of a select few that we use fragrance oils (phthalate free). Our shampoo bars are only ever made with essential oils and only natural, plant derived, colourant. All soaps are minimally packaged while still providing necessary information required by Health Canada Standards
Our Neem Nurturer Facial and Body Butter was formulated, personally, with local chemical free beeswax, and 100 % pure essential oils to find a product that worked for mature, acne prone skin and to nourish and protect even the most sensitive skin. It is packaged in a re-usable glass jar.
Our Pit Perfect Underarm Deodorant Moisturizer/Balm also contains locally sourced, chemical free beeswax and is formulated without harsh irritants. It is packaged in a re-usable tin container and applied by rubbing a tiny pea-sized amount between the tips of the middle fingers and rubbed under the arms.

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