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Site Update: Why we scaled our server

ShowWiz service was halted yesterday for 30 minutes while we upgraded our server to continue offering everyone the quality of service that they deserve.

In the past few weeks there has been an increase in the number of “the hamsters are tired” messages, you may have seen them. These messages are a result of the server getting overworked. The increasing frequency of these messages led us to make the decision to upgrade our server size.

While mundane as a technical operation, this is huge for ShowWiz as a business – we had to upgrade our server because the site is being used at an extent that was exhausting our original set up, and this is great! We cannot tell you how excited we are to see this consistently increasing traffic, and how proud we are in continuing to improve the experience that we offer.

We thank you for choosing ShowWiz! Stay tuned for more new features in the near future.

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