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Vendors: New Vendor+ Feature – Weekly Digests

We’ve had an overwhelming amount of support for a feature that would send a digest of the new shows added to the calendar. The goal of this digest would be to save you time scrolling the calendar on a regular basis while trying to remember if you’ve already looked into that show or not.

Wizzy (our little robot friend) will deliver these lists automatically to your inbox just in time for your Monday morning coffee or tea. It presents a perfect opportunity to see what’s planned, see what you want to apply to, and plot your way forward.

This feature is for Vendor+ members only. For more information about signing up as a Vendor+ member and the perks included, please read here.

Already a Vendor+ Member and want your weekly dose of shows? You can opt into receiving the weekly digest at any time by editing your profile and checking off the Weekly Digest option. For steps on how to edit your profile, check out how How To Page.

Checking that box will enable Wizzy to send you love every Monday!

While this is a feature that we had been planning since the beginning, the sheer amount of support has encouraged us to bump it up the development and deployment schedule. We value your feedback and pledge to continually take this input into account as we continue to develop ShowWiz as a service to empower and aid vendors.

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