Local: Handmade

The heart of ShowWiz is serving as a tool, resource and community for vendors, makers, shoppers, and organisers. ShowWiz Local: Handmade is an extension of that.

Selling handmade can be a challenge. While direct sale businesses benefit from consistent catalogues shared across the company, many handmade businesses offer products and selections that are unique to them.

Facebook has emerged as a popular platform for encouraging awesome relationships between makers and shoppers. While the idea of creating a Facebook group has been floated before, the closure of one of the largest ones (for at least the summer) has spurred us to take action and launch ShowWiz Local: Handmade.

This Facebook community provides opportunities for vendors to feature their items on themed posts, is an open floor for shoppers to request what they’re looking for, and allows for makers and shoppers to get connected and shop local.

Check out the groups below!

ShowWiz Local: Handmade (Eastern Ontario)
ShowWiz Local: Vendors Group

PS. There’s a contest going on right now! And you could win all this!

Just join the main group and comment on the Contest post to enter!